Quick. Less Expensive. You’re in Control.

Save Money

Why spend time fighting costly legal battles?  You have better things to do with your money. Divorce mediation is the preferred method for couples to create a peaceful legal separat

ion of assets and parenting responsibilities. Many couples are shocked at the expense of divorce, even when they may agree on most major issues. N

ot only is mediation a less costly approach to divorce, it is focused on crafting an agreement that will last, so you’re less likely to end up in court again.

The average divorce attorney retainer costs $3,500 per spouse! This does not include any additional expenses or costs associated with filing the divorce. You can save thousands of dollars by simply choosing mediation to work out your issues for less than half of the cost of a single attorney. If you have already hired an attorney, you can still save money by not dragging out the process. A quick and easy mediation can resolve most of your issues, leaving only those that are truly important to be set for trial.

Save Time

The average divorce can take 2-3 years. The average divorce mediation takes a single day and your case can be done in 3 months. Isn’t that time you would rather spend with your family, or taking a vacation, or simply moving forward with your life? Time is something you can never get back.  Instead of spending your time fighting with attorneys, you could meet with a mediator who helps you build an agreement that works for you.  The swift, confidential nature of mediation guarantees that the parties will avoid the stress and strain of a public court.


When you are in litigation, you are on the courts schedule. This may be inconvenient to your family’s needs. The judge does not care what your work schedule is or when the kids have soccer practice. Additionally, the court may require you to do more work by filing papers that are required in litigation. Why spend those nights you could be spending with your family reviewing or writing papers for a judge? You could resolve these issues in mediation with your ex-spouse and be done in as little as 3 months.

Take Control

In mediation, you and your ex-spouse are fully in charge of the decisions.  There are no winner or losers, because the entire process is built on mutual understanding and agreement.  You hand your final decisions to a judge, not the other way around. You will not be surprised by a decision a judge who does not know you or your family has made because you have taken that from them. The “adversarial system” is not made for the parties, but rather for the court system to make money. The ex-spouses become adversaries and become polarized opposites instead of a team, which is what children need from their parents. This makes settlements and co-parenting more “wishful thinking” than a real option. In traditional divorce litigation, your preferences can be pushed to the side -resulting in a “fighting style” process at a much higher cost. Additionally, the judge is in charge of all the decision-making, and you must live with what’s handed down to you.

Your children are too important to be reduced to bargaining chips. Parents know their children better than anyone else. All perspectives are important, even if they clash. In mediation, everyone has a say, so the Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan is more likely to be accepted and followed by everyone. This includes addressing your child’s needs as they develop and how to optimize co-parenting. For divorcing parents, mediation is a chance to think about, discuss and design schedules as well as parenting roles and responsibilities.

Financially, you will face a long list of decisions, about how you want to handle your assets and your debts. It can be difficult to identify, value and distribute marital assets. Additionally, you must also figure out how to provide financially for all the members of the family.  This includes examining the family budget, financial obligations, investments and savings, to name a few. You may need to consider child support, alimony and retirement benefits as well. We help you to bring understanding to this aspect of the negotiations so that you may preserve a measure of your relationship for you and your family.

By choosing the divorce mediation process and looking for “the good divorce,” you are taking control of the tempo and the decisions in your divorce. Happy Mediation Company helps families sort out practical and fair agreements, without the arguments and trade-offs that can arise in litigation. Each family is different, and we take you through your issues one by one, helping you to understand all the important information needed to make a good decision. We give you both the opportunity to be heard and understood and to hear the other person’s perspective for each issue. This facilitated conversation provides a strong base for compromise and choices that will make sense to both of you as you consider how you to move forward.

When you consider the time and money costs for divorce litigation – you can’t afford not to mediate.