Lawsuits last a long time. Get back to work faster.

Your business is your life. You started it on a shoestring budget and grew it from a hobby, to a side hustle, to a full-blown enterprise that can support you and your family. That is why it is so very important for you to stay on track.

The average business lawsuit can take 2-3 years. That is time you should be spending on managing and growing your business. Time you could be spending with your customers getting another order or expanding into a new territory. Mediation can cut the time of a lawsuit down to half or even less.

In Florida, the business owner cannot represent themselves in court. This means you will have to spend money for an attorney to represent you and your business in all proceedings. This is money you could be spending on your business. Business attorneys are also very expensive. On average, a business attorney will cost you around $300-$400 per hour. And this does not include the retainer that you will have to pay before you can even begin. As the time passes in your case, the amounts keep adding up. Many businesses fall into bankruptcy with a bad lawsuit that goes all the way to trial. Avoid the costs of business litigation by cutting your expenses in mediation. Most business cases resolve in one or two mediations, saving you the time and money you need to move forward.

Business lawsuits are public record. Just like a bad online a review, a business lawsuit can effect your business negatively. And because everything filed in a lawsuit is public record, the inner workings of your business will also be on public display. You can avoid this public embarrassment by choosing mediation instead. Business mediation is a confidential process that can save your current and new business relationships from harm. Why put your business on display, when you can get a confidential settlement agreement in place?

It is time to stop playing around with your business lawsuit. Schedule a business mediation today and get back to the work you love.